DagStartEndDatoKmHmProfilDetailed Map
Dag 1SterzingMoos16/07/200664.452132ProfilMap (2.5mb)
Dag 2MoosCortina d'Ampezzo17/07/200667.812.477ProfilMap (2.4mb)
Dag 3Cortina d'AmpezzoAlleghe18/07/2006552.320ProfilMap (1.0mb)
Dag 4AllegheSan Martino19/07/200655.432.307ProfilMap (1.5mb)
Dag 5San MartinoBorgo20/07/200684.042.055ProfilMap (1.8mb)
Dag 6BorgoFolgaria21/07/200660.182.092ProfilMap (2.2mb)
Dag 7FolgariaRiva del Garda22/07/200579.032.262ProfilMap (1.5mb)

Rute Statistik

Route Statistics
Højdemeter15.645 hm 
Distance455.81 km 
Asphalt202.38 km44.4%
Grusvej206.53 km45.3%
Walking trails11.94 km2.6%
Path26.52 km5.8%
Push0 hm0.0%
Estimated time43 hours 9 mins 
Kort over hele ruteRute Korte
Profil for hele ruteRute Profile

Included in this first version of the route are all the information that I have been able to gather regarding the route.

The route is tough with 2.235 hm average per day. However there are many options with this route, and both højdemeter and distance can be changed on nearly every route. We can almost make decisions about the route along the way depending on our physical condition and weather conditions.

I suggest we us this route as a basis.

I will add info to this site as I get more.


Other Information
Maps required

   Kompass Maps

   WK 44 - Sterzing - Vipetino
   WK 56 - Brixen/Bressanone
   WK 57 - Bruneck - Toblach
   WK 55 - Cortina d'Ampezzo
   WK 76 - Palle di San Martino
   WK 75 - Trento - Livico - Lavarone
   WK 73 - Rovereto - Monte Pasubio






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